Dream Another Day
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Dream Another Day



This rock trio has joined forces with Sony recording artist Trouble Valli (Crazy Town) to produce their first effort "Dream Another Day" on Midnight Records. Valli heard the demo and offered his talents to create a record armed with soulful lyrics and driving rhythms, lending to a sound best described as a crossbreed of Kings of Leon and Coldplay. Classic lyrical themes meet layered production in their tracks offering an eclectic mix of progressive rock and catchy classic rock sensibility.

At the heart of their sound is driving rock laced with catchy riffs and the intricate stylings of Bob's 12-string guitar. Upbeat melodies often provide contrast to thoughtful lyrics that muse on love, romance, suicide, stalkers, and outlaws to larger ideas of loss and redemption. "I would stay up late and pick away until I found chords that seemed to work well together," says Bob Hargrove. "Fueled by moments of sadness and disappointment I found the soul of the record. Alex gave the record a heartbeat that brought life to the songs. He was integral in the arrangement process and somehow always came up with the lyric we couldn't grasp," says Bob. With his vast experience and talents in sequencing, guitars, and songwriting prowess, Valli, filled out the project.

Their creative blend of sonic depth and commercial accessibility has turned quite a few industry heads. Tuesday's Rain has garnered a dedicated local fanbase, a feature performance at the 2009 NAMM JAM, ASCAP Industry Showcase "POWERMOVES" and a coveted spot on the "Rock Forever" documentary to be released late 2009 early 2010 with interviews including such artists as Ozzy Osbourne, and many more. Lifelong students of rock music and seasoned performance veterans, Tuesday's Rain is a fixture at local music festivals and fundraisers and have played many sought after venues such as the "Rock the Economy" kickoff at the Henderson Pavilion in Nevada, Rock for Freedom Festival (Las Vegas), The Canyon Club, The Knitting Factory, On the Rox, The Malibu Inn and many more.

Ever ambitious, the pair created Midnight Records, their independent studio and label. Currently, Tuesday's Rain looks forward to touring in support of "Dream Another Day" and continue to develop licensing platforms for film, television, and major media outlets.

"Dream Another Day" is the culmination of two artists' struggles, disappointments, and triumphs. This album carries a message, "don't give up, keep on keeping on". That was the thought that spurred the title. "We believe that as long as you're alive there will always be another tomorrow," says Bob. "Life is a challenge," says Alex . Absolutely, their biggest challenge to date. "We financed every penny of this record with the sweat of our brow," says Alex. "We're proud of this record and we hope our listeners can relate to our message."